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Barnen har sätt New moon?

Jag läste detta på en fan sida som handlar om Michaels barn HÄR.

Michael Jackson’s kids are in a good news, bad news situation: two nights ago they quietly attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Twilight: New Moon.” Prince, Paris and Blanket went with family friends, got in through a side door, saw the teen vampire fest and didn’t even raise an eyebrow. “They loved it,” a friend told me.

With the kids: nanny Grace Rwaramba. She’s living in the Jackson house on Hayvenhurst in Encino, and is paid to watch the kids. As she did when Michael was alive, Grace has been put in the position of surrogate mother. It’s a little strange as she married her second husband earlier this year, a fellow Ugandan. Also, what happened to Rebbie, Michael’s eldest sister? She and Grace had a physical fight during the summer over the kids. Now Rebbie is gone.

But it’s a weird situation at best. Katherine Jackson was appointed the three kids’ guardian by the court. Yet she is not always with them. Mrs. Jackson travels, apparently: to London to see one son, to Phoenix to see her sister, and so on. “She can’t be there all the time,” says an insider.

And this has made Grace’s role problematic. Some people in the Hayvenhurst house want her gone. I received one call insisting that Rwaramba took the kids to “Twilight” without Mrs. Jackson’s knowledge and that the grandmother didn’t know where the kids were. Another caller insisted that everything was fine, and that Mrs. Jackson had agreed to the evening’s plan. And still in the middle of this, there are questions about who’s tutoring these children, and what kind of education they’re receiving at home.

And have they seen their father’s movie, “This Is It”? One source says no, but at the house the word is that Elizabeth Taylor took them to a screening.

Meanwhile, I reported on Monday that Disneyland was reactivating “Captain Eo” in January. But the Jackson estate has never given its approval to the revival of the 3D movie as an attraction. Insiders say that Disney, a family company, is acting on its own. Sounds like trouble down the road.

Om ni vill läsa det på engelska kan ni alltid översätta med Google translate.

Det var väldigt rörigt... men har barnen sett New moon elr Twilight...? Ingen film för Blanket
det är ju 13 åldersgräns :P Men vad tror ni?

Det är ju nattvisningen av New moon idag,någon som skall fara? :)
Jag skall fa imorgon på premiären :)


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